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iLOQ S10 is the world’s only digital locking system that harvests
electrical energy from key insertion. The keys and locks are
self-powered and operate without batteries. The lock cylinders
are directly compatible with all modern lock assemblies and are
easily installed without cabling.

The iLOQ S10 replaces mechanical and battery-operated locking
systems. It eliminates problems with lost keys and key copying,
simplifies locking system management and offers much lower
lifecycle costs. The high security standard of the digital iLOQ S10
is assured throughout its entire service life.

The system offers significant benefits in all types of real estate,
such as residential and business buildings, schools and hospitals.


Due to its electronic identification feature, all iLOQ locks and
keys are mechanically identical, so they can easily be reused
and securely re-programmed according to any changes in
access rights. If a key is lost, there’s no need to get a new lock,
because the access rights of any lost key are quickly and easily

iLOQ generates the electrical energy it needs from the motion
of key insertion. This way, there’s no need to replace lock or
key batteries, which considerably saves time


Electronically encrypted iLOQ locks and keys are managed by
means of the iLOQ Manager program (SaaS) over the Internet.
The user access rights to the software are confirmed not only
by the personal login data but also by the iLOQ Programming

Thanks to the iLOQ Manager, all users of the program have
up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights of
the entire locking system.

New key programming, customization of access rights and the
removal of lost keys are done, directly from the floor plans, in
the blink of an eye. Key transfer and return forms can also be
printed, as well as the locking diagrams and floor plans holding
all the lock markings.

iLOQ locks store access event logs in their memory, which
prevent and make it easier to spot misuse. Timed access
programming and


iLOQ from Finland is the world’s only digital locking system without an external power source, such as batteries. iLOQ replaces mechanical and battery-operated locks by eliminating problems with lost keys and key copying as well as with locking system management and life cycle costs.

• patented and award-winning Finnish technology
• self-powered electrical access management without batteries or cabling
• easy installation in all modern lock assemblies
• electronically encrypted, freely programmable locks and keys
• easy elimination of lost keys
• advanced key management program
• much lower service life costs
• environmentally friendly
• the system can be expanded to a fully remotely controllable system

>>To download iLOQ data sheet click HERE  






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